PKM – Parallel Kinematics Machine

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Accurate & Rigid

The ICON Tripod is a Parallel Kinematics Machine created for 6-axis interpolation operations either as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a machining cell. The ICON Tripod provides rigid machining capabilities with an extremely small footprint compared to traditional machining centers.

The rigidity of the ICON Tripod is due to the three arm design. By centering the tooling head, the stress is displaced evenly and over a small area rather than over a large machine base.

The accuracy of the Tripod is in the Parallel Kinetics design. Motions on the X, Y, and Z axis are performed by three parallel axes that hold tight while maintaining flexibility.

Parallel Kinematics

The ICON Tripod Powerflex is a powerful machining center featuring advanced Parallel Kinematics technology. The 700S version has a work envelope of 800mm x 800mm x 400mm, a motor spindle of 18,000 RPM and 35kw, and a rotary table size of 800mm with a zero point clamping system.