PKM – Parallel Kinematics Machine

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What Separates the ICON Tripod Powerflex from the Rest?

Modular PKM 6-Axis Machine

800mm ROtary Table with Zero Point Clamping System

Four Tripod Sizes Available: 300, 500, 700 & 900

Multi-Position Toolchanger 40 or 80 Tool Pockets

Powerful Motor Spindle: 18,000 RPM, 35km

Parallel Kinematics

PKM machines easily carry laser or conventional probes and in combination with the 6-axis, extreme acceleration, and rapid motion, it is possible to fly over, measure, analyze, and adjust programming data in seconds.

The ICON Tripod is capable of machining all sides of a part in one setting without inversion or turning processes, which avoids CpK problems that result from the transfer of components within a machining cell.

Complex machining is completed by one machine rather than several specialized machines. The flexibility and accuracy of a PKM allow the Tripod to machine components completely in one setting while holding extreme tolerances.