Tool Changers

ICON 6-250

Tool Changer

Rapid Tool Changes At All Stations

The ICON 6-250 is designed with a versatile tooling system for increased productivity. Each machining unit is installed with itís own 10-tool changing system; a potential eight tool changers are possible. There are 20 tools available at each cutting station on a fully equipped ICON 6-250, 10 for the horizontal unit and 10 for the vertical unit. With four stations, thatís potentially 80 tools ready for your production run. Each tool changer comes equipped with all the tools needed that ICON Technologiesí engineers have designed for the specific applications.

Tool change principle: Direct pickup - no tool arm

Tool holder type: HSK A 63

Magazine Style: half disc

Drive: AC servo motor

Tool holder pockets: 10

Tool holder clamp: mechanical

Max. tool diameter: 125mm

Max. tool length: 250mm with holder

Max. tool weight: 15 lbs.

approx. 2.8 seconds

Rapid Tool Changes

All tools are changed manually when the ICON 6-250 is idle. The tooling system is OSHA safety interlocked.

Tool Changer Render

Exterior View of Tool Changer