Rotary Tables

ICON 6-250

Rotary Table Rendering

Speed And Infinite B-Axis Contouring

Infinite B-Axis rotary tables in all four machining positions

Full contouring capability

Index speed 1.8 seconds for 180°

Dual hydraulic fixture clamp circuits per rotary table, 1 hydraulic return

Super Precision Schunk Pallet System

Pneumatic/hydraulic integrated rotary table clamping

Pneumatically actuated pallet clamping with 4 tapered pilots - locking force: 50 kN

Air blast with turbo action to protect against coolant and chips during pallet change


Index Accuracy

Index accuracy: +/- 8 arc sec.

Repeatability: <0.005 mm

TIR and perpendicularity: 0.003mm

Rotary Table Cross Section