3 Axis Machine Module

ICON 6-250

ICON 6-250

A Unique Machining Method

The ICON 6-250 comes standard with the Fanuc 30i CNC Control, and features with a the complete package with all control components. For ease of operation, two pendants are mounted at Stations 1 and 4. Each pendant features a Fanuc 300 Model A operator control that includes a 10.4" color touch screen. The ICON machining modules feature feed motion with Fanuc servo motors, Schneeberger linear guide rails for all axis and healthy ball screw assemblies built for exceptionally long service.

Spindle Performance

Spindle RPM: 12,000 max

Acceleration: 0 to 12,000 RPM in 1.0 sec

Spindle Bearing Size: 70mm

Integrated Spindle Motors:

Power @ 40%:48HP

Torque @ 3,500/12,000 RPM: 98/29 NM

Water Cooled

Optional Spindle RPM:

8,000 RPM max

20,000 RPM max

Tool clamp/release: Hydraulic

Through Spindle Coolant: 30 Bar Standard - Up to 80 Bar optional

Tool receiver: HSK - A 63

Up To Eight Tools In The Cut At Once

Axis Travels

X Axis: 300mm

Y Axis: 300mm

Z Axis: 320mm

Rapid Traverse Rate

X Axis: 1969 inch/minute

Y Axis: 1969 inch/minute

Z Axis: 1969 inch/minute

Machining Module Dimensions

X Slide: 630mm x 840mm

Y Slide: 570mm x 540mm

Z Slide: 250mm x 250mm

Massive Pre-Tensioned Ball Screws

X Axis: 20mm x 10mm Pitch Double Lead

Y Axis: 50mm x 20mm Pitch

Z Axis: 20mm x 10mm Pitch Double Lead

Axis Motor - Continuous Torque

X Axis: 22NM

Y Axis: 40NM

Z Axis: 22NM

Axis Movement

X/Y Axis on slide rail with ball screw and linear scale

Z Axis as square quill on linear slide with ball screw and linear scale