A New, Unique Productivity Center

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ICON 6-250

Up To Eight Tools In The Cut At Once

The unique design of the ICON 6-250 is new to the precision machining industry and incorporates engineering excellence with the finest materials and components.

The ICON part sizes range from a 2" cube to an 8" cube and can put up to eight tools in the cut at once with up to 8 machining units, four horizontal and four vertical units, each with a 10-tool changer fully equipped for your specific applications. Four cutting stations, each with integrated pallet changers produce 5 sided machining with 4 axis interpolation.

A Fanuc CNC controller has been incorporated as standard equipment on all ICON 6-250 machining centers.

These benefits coupled with the ICONís flexibility creates a highly innovative solution to produce parts complete, with fast cycle times and a superior surface finish.

The Ultimate in Productivity & Flexibility

The unique design of the ICON 6-250 combines flexible machining center principles with Hydromat's rotary transfer production philosophy while incorporating engineering excellence with the finest materials and components. The results; a machining center of robust construction and extreme

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ICON 6-250 Introduced In Switzerland

In the December 2010 issue of Daetwyler Industries' newsletter, the story was told about how the ICON 6-250 Productivity Center and the ICON Tripod 200 S was revealed to the European marketplace. During a recent Open House, ICON Industries demonstrated to customers how efficient modern machining can be on the premises of its production partner Daetwyler. The ICON 6-250, first introduced in the U.S. at IMTS 2008, is now in full production in Bleienbach, Switzerland. The ICON Tripod 200 S, one of a new line of parallel kinematic units, was also featured.

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